22/m/Detroit, Mich
I am a Shef Usheb (i.e. Lonshi Talhon, energy/psi vampire) of the Ramkht caste with strong Sanguinarian tendencies and occasional sang needs. I'm a student of the teachings of House Eclipse and House Kheperu (not a member of either though) and am looking for any other vampires, M'kheru (donors of the amber or crystal swans types), otherkin or mundanes that are understanding and friends to vampires. Also I didn't mean to be pretentious by useing all of these terms you may not know. So if i did annoy you I apologize. I used those terms to try to draw the attention of others with the same beliefs and research background. Now lets see if this works at all lol.

my contact info raziel4772 on aim and yim
or [email protected]
"dis manibus sacrum"