Well, the title says it all doesn't it? I'm a female vampire and I'm looking for someone who I can trust, who will accept me for who and what I am. Location isn't a problem, to me it doesn't even exists. Next year I will be able to go wherever and whenever I want to and until that we have the time to get to know each other.
Looks and age aren't the most important thing, what is important is that you are able to be respectful, caring and understanding. The life of a vampire (or well in fact every life) isn't always easy and I need someone who I can open up to, someone who is able to carry a conversation beyond "oh the weather is so nice today" and doesn't only ask me how I am but has a little bit more to say. 

I've been in relationships before but they didn't work out so now I'm done with pleasing other people and I will choose for my own life now. Do you want to be part of it? I welcome you to write me an email at [email protected]