nice to meet you all name's DeeJayy, 23 and an Aquarius, gay. Sorcerer by breed, Enchanter by trade but no forms of Magick are beyond my use as I am a worker of Necromancy[spirits and death], Demonology[Conjuration, Banishment], Celestial Magick[Working with planets and stars for power], and God Magick[Meeting, making deals with, and recieving the blessings of various Gods.] 
I am a writer and a performer in my normal life, aside from this I am told a witches blood stores the energy we have left over after we use our magick, my last owner was sad I had to go. However, his loss is your gain so it's nice to meet you and look forward to getting to know you all. 

I'm in the Niagara region of Canada and the USA. Hit me up on facebook: