United Vampires and Donors
This is an adult group for sanguinary, psychic, ambient sensual, and energy Vampires, and Donors, united in discovering each other, and who practise safe, and honourable exchange. 1). The principles of this group are for those in the Vampire/Donor communities. Members must be adults, approved members. 2). We are here to find each other. People may place personals ONLY in respect to that. A Database will be set up for that purpose. It will be world-wide. You must state what type of Vampire/Donor you are, where you are as far as city/state. Do NOT state an address, in a message. There will be a place on People's Maps and places for that. 3). NO sexual harassment of anyone will be tolerated. Any will be reported to me, and the offender is gone and reported too Yahoo. 4). NO explicit photos. ALL photos will be approved. 5). ALL messages will be approved. SPAM will be reported. 6). NO Classified ads.