I am Kayla,and very very interested in vampires. I have been interested and fascinated with the vampire kind since I was very little. What I'm looking for is a vampire to turn me,I need a TRUE VAMPIRE!!!!!NO fakers,fan girls or guys, or rp'ers!!!!!I feel that it is my destiny to be turned and that I will really benefit off of this. For many years I have had a vision about me being turned and being awakened to a side of darkness and getting to join a few friends of mine who are vampires as well. They are all sanguinarians. That vampire that I seek must be (male),they must be (tall) about:(5'5-5'9),and must be a great teacher:meaning they can show me about being a vampire,what I must do, how I must act, and where to go ect. I am also sThey must also be a good companion who always sticks by my side and shows me my direction in life and help me get used to it, help me to find a blood doner and a GOOD one as well as being able to love me and give their heart and soul to me . If you are interested PLEASE contact me at this email: [email protected]  or message me on here. Also it is a MUST THAT THE VAMPIRE LIVES IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!

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