I finally got the dal.net IRC channel #Vampires back. I lost it when I went in for emergency surgery in 2008; somehow it did not get passed on to the person I'd named as successor and became unregistered. Other people have registered it in the meantime, but as of yesterday, I noticed it was unreg'd (I was keeping my eye on it recently). Well, I promptly registered it, and luckily, I'd saved the accompanying web page files. So basically all I had to do was recreate the subdomain and upload the pages.

#Vampires is for general vampire chat, including fiction, folklore, movies, books, real vampirism, etc. Check it out and spread the news; feel free to link to it. I hope you'll make it your home for chatting online. I know the Ops info on the web page is out of date, and I'm working on that...soon as I get some regular visitors I know will be level headed and stay around, I'll make some new Ops.

The page is at http://vampires.sanguinarius.org/ if you'd like to check things out; there's also a web-based chat applet you can use to connect to dal.net if you don't have an IRC client installed.

See you soon!



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