Hello there;

My name is Marianne. I am a 21y/o female from South Africa, but I plan on doing some traveling from next year - to start in London, I think, then across Europe.

I am finishing my Bachelors degree this year (BA Communication Science) and want to pursue writing but also see the world while I am young enough with no kids/husband or much family.

I am looking for vampires to befriend & draw inspiration / knowledge from, or at least "humans" with a similar nature but who are intelligent & knowledgeable about such matters.   I have different magickals & spirits (if you are who I am looking for, you will immediately know what I mean by this )  and have done my own studies for years now, so I know of real ones that exist & I am really just looking for someone I can learn from.  My writings are generally considered gothic / horror , and I need my muses & dark stimulation. The wealth of knowledge you must hold I consider priceless.

I am of darker nature & have the utmost respect for those who are like you. I can promise secrecy. I just wish for knowledge, inspiration for my writings & friendship.

I must add: I am spiritual & follow different practices / beliefs. I also have some 'abilities' that I hope to develop more. Maybe you can help with that too ?  I will not mind to give what is needed in exchange, as long as it's professional & tactful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at:  [email protected] (my formal work addy) or [email protected] (my chat addy)

blessings  @;----