On August 8, 2008, the 14th annual production of the net.goth gathering, Convergence, will go live in Tampa's historic Ybor City!

MUSIC: Voltaire, Iris, Audra, The Synthetic Dream Foundation, Faded Sympathy, The Passing Hour and more to be announced.

DJs: Spinmistress Batty, DJ Sonny Crockett and more.

EXCURSIONS: Ybor City Pub and Cigar Crawl, Mutual of Woemaha's Wild Kingdom at Lowery Park Zoo, Drippy clock tour at the Dali Museum.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The a.g.c Fashion Show, Convergence Wake, The Fop Fight, The Gothic Swimsuit Competition and THE JUMPING OF THE SHARK by TheOneFonz!

Are you a DJ that wishes to perform at C14? Are you a designer or model that is interested in being a part of the fashion show? Email the Entertainment Liasion at [email protected] or the Fashionista Liasion at [email protected] respectively. Email now; the deadline for all applications is 01-15-2008!

To attend Convergence 14 and have access to all of the above, purchase your laminate now at www.c14ybor.com. They are available now, but prices will increase as time goes on. Pricing is as follows:

$55 until 12/31/2007
$60 until 05/31/2008
$65 until 07/31/2008

See the website for more info: www.c14ybor.com

Be our Friend on MySpace: www.myspace.com/c14ybor
Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.ph...6434986343
Livejournal: community.livejournal.com/convergence/

or just stay tuned to this community for future announcements!