The House of A Thousand Nightmares

There are many types of stories, but not all of them touch a familiar place in the human heart. Some of these stories inspire, some stir the imagination, some are glorious and some tragic. This story though, this is something a slight different from all those. This story is not one that has persisted on the basis of tradition, education or entertainment. This is the kind of story told with nervous reverence. The kind of story whispered in confidence behind close doors or mumbled in shelters under the savage roar of a tempest. This story has a will of its own. They say upon hearing it, that it buries and nests itself in the sick pit of ones soul. Then it waits and grows, until it finds another willing ear. Those who have survived its telling are trailed by it, like a demented shadow manipulating their every waking action, haunting their every tortured thought.

Welcome to the manor called Nightshaven, known as the House of A Thousand Nightmares. This role play board is based roughly between the years 1830 and 1840 and is located in the English countryside. The secluded estate is run by an old and sinister vampire who is playing father to a young orphan girl, that he plans to make his wife. Can the house servants, comprised of social outcasts and vagrants, rally to protect her? Or will the evil effects of the manor give them other things to worry about?

Nightshaven Manor :